4404 Castlewood Rd Richmond, VA 23234 804-840-5682

Meet the Staff of Richmond Auto Exchange

April - Sales Manager

804-437-2099   april@roscoes.net

April oversees most day to day operations around our dealership. She's our lead sales person and is also the only functioning adult we employ. 

Robert - Etc. Specialist

804-839-9408   robert@roscoes.net

Robert has been with this company since pretty much the beginning. He handles all sorts of things from sales, to procurement, to transportation and title work. 

Shop Cat - Quality Control

804-840-5682   shopcat@roscoes.net

Shop Cat joined the team in 2012 and has maintained disinterest in your complaints ever since. 

Roscoe - Purchaser

804 986-3152  

Roscoe handles the purchasing end of things on our lot. From auctions to dealerships and often individuals Roscoe is out making purchases to keep our lot stocked with Deals!